I’m an IT specialist with 12+ years of experience in software engineering, devops, cloud engineering and mentoring.

As a consultant I’m available for cloud related jobs in DevOps or Software Engineering field. Mostly I’m focused on modern Microsoft Stack: Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, .NET, Serverless solutions, IaC, ETL pipelines, PowerBI, migration to cloud. In addition to that I can lead small teams, and mentor engineers.

I prefer async remote work, however I’m open to occasional travel to the office is needed.

Hit me up if you have questions about:

  • Modern approaches to SDLC
  • Software Engineering (C# and .NET)
  • Azure and AWS infra and architecture
  • Containerization, Docker and Kubernetes
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions, AzureDevOps, TeamCity, OctopusDeploy and others
  • Permissions, Inner-source, collaboration best practices
  • Anything else really :)

Projects I’ve completed

AWS Landing Zone migration

Tech Stack: AWS, Kubernetes, .NET6, PostreSQL, Datadog, Jenkins, NServiceBus

This was the Senior Software Engineer role for a Dutch enterprise.

In three months I performed a migration of several k8s based .NET6 microservices to a new AWS environment. This role involved heaps of cross-team collaboration with Software Engineering, DevOps, and Platform teams.

My activities where:

  • Refactoring application code so that apps can run on different platforms
  • Helping DevOps team to configure Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines for the service
  • Assisting Platform team and helping them to troubleshoot problems
  • Keeping BAs and POs updated on the progress
  • Communicating changes to developers

System audit, disaster recovery plan and stabilization of FX data provider platform

Tech Stack: AWS, EC2, RDS, Opsgenie, Java, GitHub Actions, Grafana, InfluxDB, FIX streams

My job was to organize a handover of the system, document the current state and provide a strategy for stabilization, disaster recovery and future development of the system. I organized on-call rotation, monitoring and alerting, implemented urgent security measures and prepared the system for future development. Even though I was the person who implemented some of the actions, in this project I was playing the role of tech lead and consultant.

An event-driven data synchronization and ETL pipeline for BI and audit

Tech Stack: Azure, .NET5, Terraform, Redis, Docker, k8s, GitHub Actions, PowerBI, SQL Server, Azure Service Bus

Building an ETL pipeline platform from scratch. This platform handles initial data ingestion as well as delta calculations and updates from different sources (regular bulk exports, real-time event streaming, structured and unstructured data sources).

Within the first 2 quarters the business was provided with a number of dashboards and reports which significantly improved key financial metrics visibility and helped to prioritize 2021Q4 and 2022 plans based on gains/effort ratio.

Azure infra refactoring and CI/CD Pipelines

Tech Stack: Azure, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, IaC, CI/CD, YAML, PowerShell

I led the infra change for my client’s ECOM platform.

  • Performed a zero-downtime migration to a new architecture, reducing average response time under the load (Black Friday) down to 30% while keeping the Azure Cloud costs on the same level
  • Parallelized CI/DC pipeline, reducing the full cycle time from 40 minutes down to ~14
  • Reviewed the Azure resource utilization and implemented measures to reduce costs. As a result the average monthly bill became ~15% lower.
  • Provided trainings for Dev and DevOps teams
  • Documented current infrastructure in Confluence

Cloud Engeering Bootcamp

TechStack: Azure, Azure DevOps, IaC, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Pulumi, Terraform

  • Managed and mentored a team of 6 Cloud Engineers
  • Designed an Azure Cloud Engineering Bootcamp, all alumnus successfully got new jobs and passed Microsoft and CNCF certifications